Cherry blossoms on our plant in Ryugasaki.

Our Contributions
for Carbon Emissions Reduction

Reduce Material Waste

Advantages of our forging method are extensibility of the materials and flexibility of shape brought by die as well as improved mechanical property.
A complicated shape part can be made from a blank forging with limited amount of trimming and machining.
Though superior recyclability is one of advantages for metal products, energy is consumed in any phase, such  as production, transportation and recycle, of the material.  It is obvious that less waste from less material is the key for the most efficient production activity. 
Though it depends on the product shape, the comparison between the processes is shown here.

Reduce Emission

Heating source is inseparable for hot forging methods so that we have been conducting transition of the source from petroleum burning to inductive heating or natural gas burning to reduce CO2 emission. 
Heat treatment after the forging is also using the electricity or the gas.  Falk lift trucks used in the facilities are on their way to the electrification as well.

Environmental Policy
Based on ISO 14001

Toyo Forging Works Co. Ltd. established its Environmental Management System as an ISO14001 certified company to recognize that coexistence and reconciliation with the natural environment are highly important issues.

We will work continuously as a responsible social member to reduce impact to the environment and established the following policies to mitigate the load from its business activities.

  1. Save and Reduce
    We promote effective use of the resources & energy, and work to reduce their consumptions.
  2. Process and Recycle
    We prevent pollution through reduction, appropriate processing or recycling of industrial wastes.
  3. Organizational Actions
    We practice environmental protection activities throughout the company and maintain their effectiveness.
  4. Compliance and Agreements
    We comply with laws & regulations and establish agreement with stakeholders such as customers, suppliers or local communities.
  5. Communicating with Stakeholders
    We disclose our environmental management policy to the stakeholders and promote communications with them.
  6. Controls of Substances
    We control specified chemical and environmentally loading discharges to comply with regulations.

We will keep our possible efforts to contribute for the establishment of a sustainable society.


Our Roles
for Sustainable Development

We established the following indicators as the company to be a responsible social member.

  1. Observance of Laws and Ordinances
    We comply associated laws, regulations and legislations as a responsible enterprise organization.
  2. Elimination of Fraudulent
    We maintain the environment to avoid forgery or concealment on production, evaluation and recording by adhering to our procedures established.
  3. Protection of Information
    We understand the importance of the proprietary information we obtained and shall manage them accordingly.
  4. Fair Business
    We remove opaque acts in our trade activities to aim the mutual benefit based on a fair footing.
  5. Protection of Natural Environment
    We mitigate the environmental load from our business toward sustained production activity.
  6. Respect for Human Rights
    We value on the rights and the dignities of all people concerned and promote their wholesome environment.
  7. Continuous Improvement
    We monitor statuses for the above policies and will be working for the improvement.