Message from Management

We, Toyo Forging Works, are making efforts to pursue forging technologies that support customers, and the customers are involved in supporting many people that enriches lives on this planet we believe.
The environment we find ourselves in is not an easy and calm one currently.  However, as there is a saying of "A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skillful Sailor", I will re-learn the correct way of rowing and make efforts in the pursuit of the further technology to overcome the circumstance.
The company keeps developing itself by intending "Attain the Peak of Creation as a Forging Hotshot" until the day when forging technology disappears from the earth.  It will be my most pleasure to have your support and encouragement.

Eiichi Motai, President and Representative Director

Corporate Philosophy

Rally Wisdom
Value Each Other
Understand and Recognize
to be a Forging Hotshot

Our Business Creed

Ingenious products that deliver high quality and reasonable value through operations in a safe environment with quick delivery.

Company Overview

Company Name

Toyo Forging Works Co. Ltd.


80 mil. JPY


Seiji Saito, Chairman

Eiichi Motai, President and Representative Director


Yasunori Naito, Executive Director

Tetsuji Tobe, Managing Director

Yosuke Kuchiki, Managing Director


February 1954


1-6-1 Haneda, Ota, Tokyo 144-0043 Japan

Production Plant

3711 Kaiharazukacho, Ryugasaki, Ibaraki 301-0856 Japan

Number of Employees


Description of Business

Production and sales of forging products.


MUFG Bank / Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. / Japan Finance Corp. / The Shoko Chukin Bank


Our Approach to the Corporate Social Responsibilities

We, Toyo Forging Works, establish the following indicators as the company to be a responsible  social citizen.

  1. Observance of laws and ordinances.
    • We act appropriately as an enterprise organization according to the associated laws, regulations, and legislations.
  2. Elimination of the injustice.
    • We build the environment without a forgery and the concealment by adhering our procedures established on production, evaluation, and record.
  3. Protection of the information.
    • We understand the importance of the information and the intellectual property rights that we obtained and shall manage them appropriately
  4. Fair business.
    • We remove opaque acts in our trade activities to aim the mutual benefit based on the equal relationships.
  5. Environmental protection.
    • We continue efforts of the environmental load reduction toward sustained production activity.
  6. Respect for human rights.
    • We value on the rights and the dignities of all people concerned with our activities and protect healthy environment.
  7. Activity for the improvement.
    • We monitor situations for the above policies and will improve the circumstances continuously.



東洋鍛工株式会社 本社

Production Plant

東洋鍛工株式会社 工場


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